Fruitea Syrup

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Instead of the usual artificial flavourings added to teabags, we strive to give you something different - natural, aromatic fruit syrups. We have collaborated with England Preserves to create a special Fruitea to flavour and enhance our beautiful loose leaf tea.

We were looking at fruit tea currently available on the market and had some of the major brands analysed - we were curious to find what makes dry tea so sweet and fruity. Despite the fact that small pieces of dried 'real' fruit often appears, so do additives and sugar. If you took a piece of dried strawberry and put it in hot water, it wouldn't make the water sweet or taste of strawberry. You need concentrated flavour, and as you know we would never add artificial flavours to our tea. Our Jasmine Silver Tip is scented with real jasmine flowers, and our Earl Grey with natural bergamot oil.

We went to the wonderful jam lady, Sky Cracknell at England Preserves and they helped us create some incredible syrups that beautifully complement our tea. We had long and lovely pairing meetings to get the flavours perfectly balanced. Infuse your desired tea as usual, and add one 1tsp (6ml) of syrup to your cup before or after pouring. You can always add more if desired.

It has less than 1/3 tsp of sugar per cup, the syrups simply contain just lemon juice, fruit, sugar and spices. No colourings, no artificial flavourings, just pure deliciousness.

N.B. Unopened the syrup has a two-year shelf life (stored in a cool dark place). Consume within 6 weeks of opening, and please refrigerate.

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Fruitea Syrup
Fruitea Syrup
Fruitea Syrup
Fruitea Syrup

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