Japanese Premium Grade Matcha

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The finest ceremonial grade Uji Matcha we have ever tasted.

All the teas we source from around the world are organically farmed- except this one. The farmer in Uji has produced something so exquisite, however, we just couldn't overlook this excellent tea.

This is a Premium Grade matcha for drinking. We also have a Ceremonial Grade, a culinary grade for cooking and a latte matcha for drinking with milk.  Matcha can also be added to cold pressed juice and smoothies - the better the matcha the better the flavour.

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Japanese Premium Grade Matcha
Japanese Premium Grade Matcha
Japanese Premium Grade Matcha
Japanese Premium Grade Matcha
Japanese Premium Grade Matcha
Japanese Premium Grade Matcha

Tasting Notes

Bright and strong yet smooth and mellow with a grassy sweetness.

Sublimely balanced, powerful yet profoundly elegant. Rich yet delicate. Layer upon layer of flavour is revealed in each sip.

Origin & Craft

Our matcha is made from precious tencha - tea that has been shaded for the last few weeks to intensify the chlorophyll. In the leaves. shade grown tea. The leaf is steamed, de-veined and de-stemmed and then ground using traditional ceramic stones to a fine powder. It takes roughly one hour to produce 40g of tea. This meticulous crafting results in a tea of great depth and intensity.

The powdered leaf is suspended in water rather than infused. You are ingesting all the precious leaf as you drink matcha, giving you more of the antioxidant goodness. It is also stronger in caffeine than an infused tea. Only small amounts will give you intense flavour and a vigorous caffeine high.

Matcha is usually served in Japan with a sweet bean cake. Something sweet really ought to be considered. A ginger biscuit works rather wonderfully - although this might be considered a bit controversial. A digestive wouldn't be wrong.


Use 2g (2 scoops with a traditional bamboo Chashaku spoon) of Matcha for 70ml of water .


For the optimum infusion use 70°C (158°F) water.

Some people may prefer 80°C (176°F) for more intense tannins.


Make a fine paste with 10ml of water.  Add the remaining water and whisk vigorously in a M or W shape until a fine foam is created.

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