Special Satemwa Harvest

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IMPORTANT: please note that anything added to your basket with this product will not be delivered until August.

We are very excited to bring you a new Special Harvest, this time with our dear friends the Satemwa Tea Garden in Malawi.

Crafted from a unique Malawian cultivar developed by the Tea Research Foundation in Mujanje, it has taken 5 long years from planting the seed, tending to the seedlings and selecting the strongest - to then grow the little bushes into a thriving field of tea.

This is the heart of innovation - like roses, or grape vines it is possible to develop wonderful hybrids to create amazing new flavours and plants best suited to their local environment, able to adapt to the climate crisis we all face.

What makes this tea so special, and why Satemwa have taken such pains to cultivate these special plants is the unique flavours of jasmine and lemon found in the leaves.

It will be picked for you, and hand rolled into a beautiful black tea.

Available only to PRE-ORDER until 16th May. This is a limited harvest; please place your order quickly to ensure availability. Global delivery by August.

Dispatched in multiple 100g pouches (i.e. 3 x 100g, 5 x 100g and 7 x 100g).

The photo is a placeholder because the tea has not been picked and crafted yet, but it will look similar to this.

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Special Satemwa Harvest
Special Satemwa Harvest
Special Satemwa Harvest
Special Satemwa Harvest


Pre-purchase an entire harvest...

What to expect:

But we need your help to do this.

All our teas are harvests purchased directly from farms and we ship, pack, warehouse and supply them to you across the world over the coming year. But we have suffered with our friends and customers in hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars across the world facing lockdowns that have closed or vastly reduced their business. Sadly, we find ourselves in a position where we can’t buy as much as tea as we would like to to support our farms.

We have always had to find new ways.

Back in the early years of Rare Tea Company, Henrietta got a contract to supply tea to a major retailer, but she didn’t have the funds to buy the tea. The banks laughed at her. It was during the banking crisis of 2008 and there was no lending to small businesses; crowdfunding wasn’t yet a thing.

Henrietta contacted her best customers (in those early days she knew them all; she used to make up every internet order herself, early adopters will remember her often illegible handwritten notes and hair caught in the packing tape).

You got her through and lent her the money.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Together we can change this.

Please don’t keep this all for yourself, share it wide with friends and family - we’re all in this together!

Included in your box will be a storage tin to keep the tea fresh and a card that tells the story of this tea. The box can be shipped anywhere in the world your loved ones might be, and includes a personalised gift message.

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