For generations, tea has been a very exploitative industry.

Today, big brands engage in price wars in the supermarkets hoping to win your loyalty with the lowest prices.

Sales of industrial black tea are falling year on year, they don’t want to lose profit so they put the burden on the farmers - paying less and less for tea.

Unacceptable poverty

This is the status quo, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our ambition is to redefine what good tea means and with your help we can do things differently.

We have always relied on you to spread the word. We hope you will help amplify our voice.

A better world...

Here are some of the ways you can help:

Stay in touch

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Follow us on social media

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Make a friend a fan

Introduce people by making them a cup of Rare Tea or sending them tea as a present - once you’ve tried the good stuff it’s very hard to go back to the bag (we know you know!)

Donate to Rare Charity

Become a monthly donor for Rare Charity - just £25 per month funds a girl through secondary school. £50 per month will cover a scholar’s university tuition fees.

Together we might stop people turning a blind eye to the people we are connected to through the tea we drink.

Flavour over price

And for those friends who still need a little convincing, here are a few of our favourite arguments for introducing Rare Tea to your life:

  • Loose leaf crafted by skilled men and women is incomparable in flavour to tea churned out by industrial machines. Think instant coffee or processed cheese.
  • Choosing loose leaf tea stops the unsustainable use of trees and plastics to make single-use teabags.
  • No teabag means you are not drinking nasty chemicals, bleaches, glues or nanoplastics.
  • Tea brought for its high quality, direct from the farm enriches the community not middlemen and brokers.
  • For the cost of one weekly high street coffee, you could have had up to 10 cups of beautiful tea; it is an affordable luxury.
  • Every cup of Rare tea that you drink helps fund the education of a young person in Malawi through Rare Charity.
  • Even small changes can make a difference – try swapping just one cup of your old tea out each week for a cup of Rare Tea.
  • We all owe ourselves the true pleasure of good tea.

Supply is not the problem;
it's demand.

Together we can make the world a better place one rare cup at a time...

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more