Loose Leaf Green Tea

Loose Leaf Green Tea

The benefits of green tea are widely discussed and the subject of a huge amount of clinical research. What is sometimes overlooked is the exquisite flavours to be found in the finest leaf teas.... Read more

Our collection of loose leaf green teas are all handcrafted in small batches by experts. They are made to reveal the most beautiful flavours in the leaf; not churned out by industrial machines for high volume and low price like most green tea bags. The meticulous crafting and wonderful flavours enhance the positive effects of green tea on our well-being.

Is loose green tea healthier than tea bags?

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols. We highly recommend drinking handcrafted, loose leaf green tea rather than industrially processed green tea bags. Not only to do tea bags use precious resources for a single use, but they also use industrial chemicals in their manufacturing, and bleaches, glues and often nano plastics.

With loose leaf green tea, you are just infusing pure tea leaves in your cup, not paper, or plastics or chemicals.

Why drink green tea?

There are many health benefits to drinking green tea. Drinking green tea is linked to lower rates of cardiovascular disease, strokes, and Type 2 diabetes.

The best loose leaf green tea is also delicious. It doesn't have to be a bitter brew for virtuous people. You don't have to hold your nose to drink it. Please look beyond the industrial bags for tea that's crafted by experts to be the most delicious expression of the leaf possible. Good green tea will flood your life with pleasure.

Just as a cheap industrial wine might not be as delicious as a beautifully crafted tea from a vineyard, the same is true for green tea. Buy green tea for quality rather than low price and you will be well rewarded in flavour.

Read more in our guide on why green tea is good for you.

Which types of green tea do you stock?

We stock loose leaf green tea and matcha green tea powder. Our match range includes the finest ceremonial grade matcha to a more robust flavour to pair with milk - we call Latte Matcha.

Our loose leaf range includes classic Chinese whole leaf green tea, as well as very rare and premium green teas such as the Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea and Himalayan Spring from Nepal.

Do I need special teaware to brew loose green tea?

You can brew loose green tea using a loose leaf tea infuser or teapot, such as the Rare Tea Glass Teapot. Most green teas can be brewed at least twice and the second infusion is often considered better than the first.

For matcha you do need a whisk and a matcha bowl to prepare this green tea perfectly. It is not a strained infusion of the leaf, but a suspension of leaf powder in water.

You can find all the matcha tea making equipment you will need here.

Does your green tea contain caffeine?

All green tea contains caffeine. Like all wine is made from grapes, and all grapes contain sugar, all tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant which contain caffeine. The amounts of caffeine will differ depending on when the leaf is picked, the year and the harvest.

Because Matcha green tea is made from the tea leaf itself, whisked and suspended in water, not a strained infusion of the leaf, it is much stronger. Matcha has roughly three times the caffeine than other tea.

Where is your green tea sourced from?

Our green tea is sourced from farmers in China, India, Japan, Malawi, Nepal, and New Zealand.

Is your green tea organic?

All of our green tea is organically grown. None of the tea gardens that supply us use pesticides or herbicides in the production of their green teas. Many of the farmers we work with, however, do not have the resources to certify their tea gardens. Find out more about our approach to organic tea here.

How should loose tea be stored?

Green tea should be stored in an airtight sealed container such as a tea storage tin. It should be stored away from heat, and in a cool, dry place. Look for somewhere with a fairly consistent temperature, like a kitchen cupboard.