Cold Infusion Teas

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Teas specifically chosen for cold infusion...

Our natural cold infused teas contain no flavourings or additives whatsoever. The incredible flavour comes from the natural tea leaf itself and skilled crafting, just like fine wine.

You can make cold infusion tea from almost all our loose leaf teas, but these have been specifically chosen for their suitability to release their best flavours in cold extraction. Making iced tea in this way makes it sweeter and softer than those made in hot water and left to cool. It makes exceptionally elegant green tea infusions because you don't dissolve as much tannin. You won't need to add sugar; even in black tea.

Cold brew tea is simple to create, gentle and refreshing, yet the flavours are fascinatingly complex. Our cold infusion teas make a great pairing for food and form part of the non-alcohol pairing menus in some of the best restaurants across the world.

There are infusion guides under each tea explaining how much tea to use and how long to infuse them. For a more detailed guide on cold infusions please click here.

What Is Cold Water Infused Tea?

Cold infused tea is iced tea that has been made by infusing tea in cold, rather than hot water. Not only are cold water infused teas naturally sweeter and more elegant, but they store much better too - lasting 3 or 4 days in the fridge without deteriorating in colour or flavour. In contrast, hot infused teas will continue to oxidise as they cool and even after they have been chilled.

Why Choose Cold Infusions?

Cold infusions make wonderful pairings to drink with food and they can be prepared in advance so there's no faffing around while you’re eating. They are equally delicious on their own as a refreshing drink straight from the fridge.

Cold brew teas are also great value for money because you use less tea - you don't need quite as high ratios of tea to water as you do when making a hot cup of tea. Once made, they can also last for days in the fridge making a great non-alcoholic (and no added sugar) drink to serve your guests. Longer lasting tea = less waste.

Which Types of Cold Brew Tea Do You Stock?

We stock a wide collection of teas for cold brew. Our collection of loose leaf cold infusion teas are specially selected to make delicious iced tea. From a lighter green iced tea like Chinese Misty Green to a rich and naturally sweet Black Iced Tea.

All of our teas are free from artificial flavourings - no sickly strawberry or peach iced tea packed with sugar or sweeteners. If you are looking for something fruity, many of our herbal infusions (including rooibos, hibiscus and lemon herbs) also make great iced teas. To make a true fruit iced tea, combine a beautiful cold extraction with freshly made fruit or vegetable juice! This is what they do with our tea at Noma so we have some good experience.

For a delicate and floral cold infusion, our Jasmine Silver Tip makes an elegant white iced tea.

How Do You Make Cold Infusion Tea?

To make a cold infusion tea you need to get the right balance of water to leaf. For most whole leaf teas you need roughly 6g of leaf per litre of cold water, whereas for a broken leaf tea you may need a little more - 10-15g of leaf. We recommend infusing your tea for 8-24 hours in a cold environment (with the exception of rolled oolongs which may take a little longer - 30-48 hours) before straining.

Herbs and flowers on the other hand are usually best made hot then chilled.

We usually serve our natural iced teas unsweetened but you can always add a spoon of honey or a drop of maple syrup for a little added natural sweetness. Cold infusions are beautiful served chilled in a wine glass, but if you do want to add ice, you may want to use a little more tea for a stronger infusion because the ice will dilute your iced tea. The other alternative is to use ice that has been made with iced tea.

We include infusion instructions on each of our cold infusion teas, but for other teas and a full guide to making cold infused tea click here.