Black Iced Tea

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A classic iced tea – re-imagined.

This iced tea is perfect on its own without the need for any additives or sweeteners. Its elegant versatility also allows it to work deliciously infused with fresh fruit; added to your daily juice blend or used to lengthen cocktails in place of sugary mixers.

Cost per cup based on 150ml servings.

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Black Iced Tea
Black Iced Tea
Black Iced Tea
Black Iced Tea
Black Iced Tea
Black Iced Tea
Black Iced Tea
Black Iced Tea


Use 12.5g of tea per 1 litre of cold water.


For the optimum cold infusion use water around 4°C/40°F and keep in the fridge.


Infuse for at least 8 hours in the fridge (or overnight – you don’t have to worry about over infusing).


This iced tea blend is only suitable for one infusion.

For the most sublime flavour, we recommend infusing in cold water overnight – which creates the most nuanced and elegant flavour by slow extraction and is completely flavour stable in the fridge for 3-4 days. The cut is fine to increase the surface area – ideal for this long, cold method.

For an iced tea to sip without anything added, like a chilled glass of wine, please use 12.5g per 1 litre of cold filtered water.

If you are looking for something stronger and adding a lot of ice (which dilutes the tea) or perhaps you are using it as a lengthener for a cocktail (on non-alcoholic drink) then please increase it to 15g or 20g per litre. As with all our tea do please experiment a little to get it exactly the way you like it.

It can also be infused hot and left to chill for a more tannic bite. (In this instance it should be used within one day).

Tasting Notes

Malty and rich with a subtle sweetness. Smooth, silky and deep as a well.  Thirst quenching and refreshing this iced tea is not overly bitter and does not require sugar. Of course, a little extra sweetness can be added (we strongly recommend maple syrup which enhances the caramel notes of the tea) but the important difference is that this iced tea is utterly delicious on its own. 

Satemwa Estate

A unique blend of deep and rich, black tea from selected harvests across the Satemwa Estate in Malawi - crafted and blended for iced tea.


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