Tea Masterclass - Introduction to Loose Leaf Tea V

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Tea Masterclass - Introduction to Loose Leaf Tea V

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Our fifth anniversary of our ever-popular basics Masterclass - everything you need to know about infusing loose leaf tea perfectly at home. An accessible, unpretentious and wholly enjoyable celebration of loose leaf tea.

This class was designed for everyone who is taking their first delicious plunge into loose leaf tea. Whether you have treated yourself or been given a generous tea gift for Christmas, we appreciate those first infusions with precious leaf tea can be daunting. This tea class aims to give you the expertise to infuse any loose leaf tea, and the confidence to extract the best flavours from the best tea leaves without wasting a drop.

In this class, you will be able to ask real-time questions and learn the simple tricks that can transform a very good cup of tea into something exceptional. This is not a stuffy tutorial to intimidate the uninitiated - but a joyous and inclusive celebration.

The perfect gift for a friend who's on the fence about leaving the world of bags and needs a little guidance on just how simple (and delicious) loose leaf tea can be.

Pick up a bundle with every tea featured in the tasting and get a ticket to this masterclass absolutely free.


An Introduction to Loose Leaf Tea Masterclass streamed online, hosted by Maxwell and Thalonja (expert tea trainers) from Rare Tea.


We'll be privately streaming the event via Zoom, the link to access will be sent the same day of the event.

Audience participation is encouraged but not mandatory!


Sunday 14th of January 2023 17:30pm (GMT) for 60 - 70 minutes (including questions and answers).

(CET 6:30pm, EST 12:30pm, CST 11.30am, MST 10.30am, PST 09.30am.)

Don't worry if you don't have exactly these teas - the Masterclass will be generalised knowledge for loose leaf tea across the board.

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