Loose Leaf Teapots


The best teapots for loose leaves have a plate behind the spout (all of ours do) so that the leaves are kept in the teapot for later infusions (the second or even sixth infusion of our premium loose leaf tea can often be the best.) You can use a glass teapot for loose leaf tea to see the leaves unfurl and the colour change. But ceramic teapots, bone china teapots and stainless steel teapots are all equally good, made from neutral materials they won’t affect the flavour.

We recommend choosing a small teapot for loose leaf tea, so you make just as much as you are ready to drink. In this way, the leaves won’t slosh around getting over-steeped and the tea increasingly bitter and cold. And you can keep making further infusions. If you’re making tea just for yourself we have beautiful loose leaf teapots for one.

We have teacups to match some of our teapots so you can make up your own loose leaf teapot set.

(In the USA teapots and loose leaf tea kettles are sometimes used synonymously. In the UK teapots are for making tea, the kettle is just used for the vessel to heat the water).