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Frequently asked questions we have about our lovely leaves...

All of our herbal infusions (apart from Cascara) are naturally caffeine free.  As nearly all the processes that are used to decaffeinate tea use chemicals, we tend to stay away from these processes.

We recommend storing your tea in an airtight container and away from direct sources of light.  Our tins are perfect for this.

If properly stored your tea could last for years - but generally, it will start to lose flavour and aroma after about 3 months.

Yes, all our teas are organically grown and our farmers are committed to sustainable farming practices. 

However; we work with small producers who don't always have the money or manpower for the complex and costly process of organic certification. We have our teas tested ourselves- taking on the expense and logistics rather than burdening the farmers. 

The only tea that is not organic is our Premium Grade Matcha because it tastes so ridiculously sublime.

For more information please find out why we are different.

We have moved beyond the Fairtrade organisation. We realised that the majority of the money went to the organisation itself and the certification body rather than our farmers.  We now return a direct percentage of all our revenue (not profit, which could be manipulated) to our sister organisation Rare Charity supporting educational scholarships on our partner farms.

For more information please find out why we are different.

Infusing Rare Tea

How to best enjoy our high-quality loose leaf tea.

We recommend filling your kettle with fresh filtered water to get the best flavour out of your tea.

Full instructions regarding infusion are available on the individual product pages.

We also have a guide from the Rare Tea Lady herself.

Full instructions regarding infusion are available on the individual product pages.

We also have a guide from the Rare Tea Lady herself.

Full instructions regarding infusion are available on the individual product pages.

We also have a guide from the Rare Tea Lady herself.

Nearly all of our whole leaf teas and herbal infusions can be infused at least twice, and our Oolong teas can be infused as many as six times!

Website & Orders

Using our website and buying your tea.

No, you don’t need an account to place an order but creating one will mean you don’t have to enter all your details next time you want to make a purchase. Some of our promotional codes also only work if you are signed into an account.

Why not try our Discovery Box which contains a sample of seven of our most popular loose leaf teas?   It costs just £4 and has enough tea for 28 infusions.

We only have a very small quantity of some of our most rare teas (some farms can only produce a couple of kilos per year).  If you can no longer find a tea on our website it may be that we have run out; feel free to get in touch to be sure.

We don't have a bricks and mortar store (yet) but some of our teas are available in a selected number of Waitrose stores in the UK and other independent shops worldwide. For the full list click here.

Discount codes are not valid on Subscriptions or Masterclass tickets.

Some codes may be subject to time limits or special conditions – these conditions should be included with the code. If you are unsure of these details please contact us with the promotion you are trying to apply.

Once you have placed your order and received a confirmation email you will have to contact us if you would like to amend or cancel your order.  It may not always be possible to cancel or amend depending whether your order has been processed.

Yes! Just pop a message to us and we'll take care of it.

You can add a gift message to the packing slip when you reach your basket.

No, we do not include prices on the packing slips. However, for orders travelling outside of the UK & US, a commercial invoice may be required for customs purposes and this will state the value of items in your order.


All you need to know about getting our loose leaf tea from us to you!

Check our deliveries page to see when you should expect your parcel. If your expected delivery date has passed, please let us know, quoting your order number.

If your order has arrived damaged or is not quite right, please get in touch with us, quoting your order number. Please feel free to include any photos that might help us too!

Please contact us and we will make arrangements with you any necessary replacements.

Once you have placed your order and received a confirmation email you will have to contact us by email if you would like to change the address.  This may not always be possible depending on whether your order has been processed by our warehouse.

If you wish to return your order you can do so within 14 working days of delivery. Please see our Terms & Conditions (8. Distance contracts: cancellation right) for further details.

Please check with individual mail or courier services as to whether they will deliver to a PO box.

Yes we do but via UK Standard Shipping only.  Please ensure the full BFPO address is entered correctly when placing the order.  

Please refer to your local postal service if you will not be at home to receive a delivery.

International orders outside of the UK may be subject to additional customs charges in certain countries. Please be aware that Rare Tea Company is not liable for these charges in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

Orders are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes with fully biodegradable bubble wrap. Our tins are designed to be refilled, reused or recycled. We are currently working on improving the material that our foil pouches are made from.

About Rare Tea Company

Who we are, what we do and why...

Our trading offices are in London.  Our registered office is in Edinburgh.

Despite what Google says, we're primarily a busy office and tasting room - visiting is by appointment only.

Our aim is simple; to source and supply the world's best tea, directly from farmers and their tea gardens.

About Rare Tea Company.

Unique terroirs, direct trade and sustainability make up the three cornerstones of our business.

Why is Rare Tea different?

At a core level, we only work with farmers using organic principles who don’t use chemical pesticide or herbicides.  We strive to use biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Rare Tea and the environment.