Herbal Tea

Infusions have been used for thousands of years as herbal remedies for what ails us and to improve our lives with their delicious flavours.

All our loose leaf herbal teas are made from pure leaves, stems and flowers - without flavourings or additives or teabags. Choose from the more traditional herbal teas like chamomile for sleep, peppermint for digestion or rare herbs like Almond Blossom flower tea, Manuka tea for its antibacterial properties or Tulsi tea to help relieve anxiety. What unites all our herbal infusions is that they are absolutely delicious.

Why drink decaf tea when you can enjoy a pure, unadulterated herb tea or herbal tea blends that are naturally caffeine free and don’t need to be meddled with? Decaffeinated tea is a herb - camellia sinensis - manufactured to remove part of its natural properties.

Herbal infusions are perfect just the way they are.