Loose Leaf Black Tea

Loose Leaf Black Tea

At Rare Tea Company our aim is to source the very best black tea in the UK and, indeed, the world... Read more

Since 2004 Henrietta Lovell, our founder and master blender has travelled the globe to find the finest loose leaf black tea that both tastes amazing and is sustainably grown, without pesticides and herbicides. This way, we can ensure it is not only good for the environment but that our black tea is as good for you as green tea.

Our loose leaf black tea is made from only the best leaves, hand-picked and crafted by highly skilled men and women, for a sublime taste. Black tea is as diverse as red wine and we seek out only the best.

Types of Loose Black Tea

Our range of black tea includes single harvests from our partner farms alongside English Breakfast blends, smoked teas or delicately flavoured teas with the addition of pure herbs, spices and flowers.

We source our black tea directly from farmers in India, China, Sri Lanka, Malawi, Nepal, Japan, England and New Zealand.

Black Tea Leaves

Black tea leaves are fully oxidized which increases the level of tannins giving a higher astringency than other tea varieties. The primary flavonoids are theaflavins and thearubigins. All our black tea leaves are painstakingly crafted to be beautifully balanced. They can be enjoyed on their own without any additions. If you enjoy your tea with milk please choose from this collection.