Indian Cloud
Indian Cloud

Indian Cloud Loose Leaf Black Tea

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A fragrant black loose leaf tea from the "Abode of Clouds" – high in the cloudy hills between Assam and Darjeeling. Light and floral as a Darjeeling with the rich caramel and malty notes you get from the best Assam.

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10 August 2022
Alison W.
United Kingdom

Indian Black Cloud Tea

I tasted this at an afternoon tea and was impressed by the flavour and clarity. It was great to be able to source it and I was impressed by the service and quality of the product from the Rare Tea company

29 March 2022
Susan B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I made a cup of Cloud Tea by following Henrietta's instructions and using my very best tea cup. The taste, feel and scent of the tea is something very, very special. Your description is better than mine could ever be except to say that I closed my eyes and imagined that I was back on the banks of the Brahmaputra river. The taste of Cloud Tea from Lakersiew is bliss.

23 October 2021
Jack C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Indian Black Cloud Tea

A very enjoyable experience. Definitely one for those who appreciate the more complex flavours……Greatly improves with second and third infusion.

16 October 2021
Kathryn C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amber deliciousness

I confess I rarely drink black tea but this was a revelation. My son Will brewed me some when I came in from my gardening (I'm usually too heavy handed with the precious leaves) I was thirsty and this was so refreshing, light and delicious, I had another cup! My new favourite!

30 August 2021
Peter S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Peter Sanders Photographer

While visiting the Isle of Wight recently I was taken to The Rabbit Hole tea shop by my daughter, who knows how important afternoon tea is to me. She had promised that they have proper bone china crockery. It was there I discovered the Indian Cloud black tea. When I asked the owner where she sourced this wonderful tea she jokingly said if she told me she would have to **** me. Fortunately my detective skills paid off and I noticed some tea boxes from the Rare Tea Co. After a quick computer search I found and ordered this unique tea and every afternoon I mix it with a small amount of an organic long leaf Assam tea to give it a little body in colour but all the flavour comes from the Indian Cloud.. As I write this review I wonder am I about to be the cause of yet another unique delicious tea disappearing quickly? Maybe I should order some more before it is too late.

09 June 2021
Charles A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Charlie A

For years I have been searching for the elusive transcendental quality of imagined 1st flush Darjeeling perfection. This is as close as I can find. Boil your water to 80 degrees and half fill the pot. Add a generous pinch of Cloud tea and just let it sit afloat on the water. Enjoy the aroma for as long as you desire. Now fill the pot. Leave in anticipation and watch as the water turns from honey to amber. Finally enjoy. There is no better start to a day.

04 February 2021
Georgia C.
United States United States

Indian Cloud Black Tea

Indian Cloud Black Tea is a lovely, refreshing surprise of a loose leaf tea. I love it! Its flavor is so simple, delicious, and undemanding as a hot beverage. It does not compete with the flavor of any food I might be consuming along with my cup of Cloud Tea. That is what I think I like the best about Indian Cloud Black Tea!

03 February 2021
Kelly R.
United States United States

This is my favorite

I adore this tea. It tastes like pure happiness and contentment. This was the tea that made me fall in love with tea. No bitterness...just sweet, lovely tea.

14 December 2020
Guy P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

A perfect start to the day.

The Indian cloud black tea is the only one for me first thing in the morning. It has a wonderfully rich, full and clean taste. Long may it continue to be available.

23 November 2020
Anna S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Indian Cloud tea

Delicious and refreshing. I would thoroughly recommend for anyone who likes black tea.

23 November 2020
Are B.
Norway Norway

Indian clouds abundant

This tea is easily one of my top rated black teas. Light and coppery in the cup, smooth and rich to drink, deeply aromatic. If you remember to steep this tea for two minutes at 80 degrees celcius, the full bodied flavours of mountainous flowers and spices tickles the soul.

20 October 2020

Exceptional, transports you to the the tea slopes of India

I received this tea as the first installment of the subscription and I'm so pleased as I've wanted to try it for a while. As soon as I opened the packet I was met with the scent of the tea factories in Asia (its a mission in my life to find a candle/perfume that recreates that scent!) and once brewed it got even better. Beautiful, delicate and floral tea with out a hint of being weak or insipid, it follows through beautifully and keeps me coming back for more. Re infused many times, what a delight!

23 June 2020
Nicholas T.

Wonderfully Complex

Aromas of floral honey, and a rich warm taste. I’ve an avid drinker of Darjeeling black tea, and this Darjeeling-esque Cloud Tea has shouldered its way to the top of my preferred teas. Simply exquisite!

25 May 2020


Read the book so wanted to try this tea. I used a thermo-pen, a kitchen scale, and a stopwatch to do *exactly* what the book instructed - 85C, 150 ml, for 90 seconds. When I poured in the hot water for the first steep, it seemed an invisible cloud of aroma just rose up to meet my nostrils. I was overwhelmed by this rush of scents, didn't really stop to ponder and analyze what they are (insert sheepish smile). With great anticipation, I took my first sip - sweetness of caramel and hint of chocolate for sure, plus this lingering floral note. Never ever have I ever had a black tea like this. Drinking it is pure joy.

05 May 2020

An exceptionally fine Darjeeling

I am addicted to everything I purchase from RareTeaCo! Typically I love sugar and half and half in my tea, even in Darjeeling, although it can be tricky. I was looking for a Darjeeling that I could add these things to in very light amounts, a tea with a complex but delicate flavor, and this tea has it in spades! So delicate, no bitterness, a subtle, underlying smokiness, velvety floral notes...but they are not kidding when they say "exceptional notes of apricot." There is a huge, delicious, sun-ripened apricot note that smells as good as it tastes. With minimal milk and sugar, my cup smells like some kind of magical candy. I have never stuck my nose into my brewed tea so much as in this one. A new favorite afternoon ritual to spoil myself--yet less calories.

25 February 2020

Delicate, gorgeous flavor

This black tea has a light flavor with beautiful, floral notes.

Tasting Notes

It is floral and bright with deep, malty notes, and rich, dark chocolate. This harvest has exceptional notes of apricot.


Use 2.5g of tea per 150ml of water.


For the optimum infusion use 80 - 90°C (176 - 194°F) water.


Infuse for 1 - 2 minutes, tasting regularly.


You can infuse this tea at least twice.  With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.  

Cost Per Cup

42p per cup based on 2.5g of tea per 150ml of water and 2 infusions.

Meghalaya, India

Lakyrsiew Tea Garden

Deep in the forgotten forest region of Meghalaya, India, lies the tiny Lakyrsiew tea garden.

From high in the cloudy hills they produce some of the most rare and unique tea in the world.


The best of both worlds

Meticulous Crafting

Delicate and graceful

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