New Zealand Waikato Oolong

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The Tea Masters in New Zealand work from a simple precept; tea is a science, but it is also an art. It’s this kind of attitude to tea making that we admire. The leaves are hand harvested and then crafted into a jade pellet with an ever-so-subtle silver sheen.

This Oolong from New Zealand has certain resemblances to our Iron Goddess of Mercy (tieguanyin) yet is unique and nuanced. Try them side by side and find out for yourself.


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22 September 2020

After leaving this in the tin for 3 months - since my original review - I have now found this tea really nice. So I now find it has a nice smooth mouth feel. Pleasant sweet floral notes. (The pea-shoot notes and astringency have mostly subsided.) It is now a more rounded, balanced and enjoyable tea. Which is good as I have stacks of it to get through!

01 September 2020

This was a gift and it was a lovely surprise to like it so much. The mineral quality is combined with a gentle sweetness and subtle creme Anglaise flavour. It's delicious and now a firm favourite.

15 August 2020
Bong water

Vegetal,roasted nuts,araca nut, pea shoots,woody,slate,very mineral,overbearing astringency at 90ºC. At 80ºC more palatable if discard initial infusions. Maybe Tea Pulling may help ?

02 November 2019
Mark S.
Core tea in my life

I first tasted this tea in Waikato at the plantation on NorthIsland New Zealand a couple of years ago when visiting my son. It is truly crafted by hand from the loving plant care to the rolling and packing. I was so taken that I e-mailed the Rare Tea Company to start supplying it. Shortly after they did. Coincidence? Was it in the plan I don't know but what I do know is that if you drink tea buy the Oolong and the Black. They are from the same plant just a different process. They are essential daily necessities to my life.

21 October 2019
Marcella F.
Unroasted Oolong Freshness

I cupped this oolong upon arrival of my tea order from Rare Tea Company. The first steeping was extremely vegetable, even with a prior quick wash. But the second and third steepings were a delicate sweet pea freshness with a definite butter mouth feel and lingering after taste. I am a fan of New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc and wanted to know what their wines offered — I am not disappointed and will definitely order this tea again.

New Zealand Waikato Oolong
New Zealand Waikato Oolong
New Zealand Waikato Oolong
New Zealand Waikato Oolong
New Zealand Waikato Oolong
New Zealand Waikato Oolong

Tasting Notes

The fresh-tasting leaves are unroasted giving a green, slightly mineral note, with a long-lasting sweetness, reminiscent of crème anglaise. The second infusion reveals a hint of fresh pea sprouts.


Use 2g of tea per 150ml of water.


For the optimum infusion use 90°C (194°F) water.


Infuse for 1 - 2 minutes, tasting regularly.


You can infuse this tea at least three times.  With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.

Cost Per Cup

24p per cup based on 2g of tea per 150ml of water and 3 infusions.


Careful propagation

New Zealand

Waikato, Hamilton

The Zealong Tea Estate’s home is the Waikato region in Hamilton, New Zealand. Hamilton is renowned for its fog and this plays a key role in ensuring the tea bushes maintain the perfect level of moisture to thrive.


Gentle sunshine, and abundant rainfall

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