Rosemary Wilkinson Matcha Bowl

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Stoneware and white glaze matcha bowl, with a painted indent, handmade in London, UK.To make your matcha:
Measure 2g of matcha (1/2 a heaped teaspoon or 2 scoops with a traditional bamboo chashaku spoon)
70ml of hot water (half a teacup) at around 70°C (158°F).
Some people prefer water at 80°C (176°F) for a more intense tannins.
Sift the matcha powder through a fine grade tea strainer/ sieve and gently break up any clumps into your bowl
Whisk vigorously in a M or W shape to suspend the fine powder in the water evenly and create a fine foam.

Drink it immediately from the bowl.

They measure 7 x 10cm and are dishwasher, microwave and oven proof.We have collaborated with Rosemary Wilkinson, of the North Street Pottery in London, to create a collection of beautiful matcha bowls.

Each bowl has been designed and handmade so you can whisk your lovely, frothy matcha and drink straight from the bowl. They are the perfect size and shape to use with a traditional chasen (whisk) and chashaku (scoop).

This is a white stoneware and glaze bowl, with a vertical indent, perfect for resting ones thumb when drinking from the bowl. The indent is painted in oxide paint. Each is made individually.

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Rosemary Wilkinson Matcha Bowl
Rosemary Wilkinson Matcha Bowl
Rosemary Wilkinson Matcha Bowl
Rosemary Wilkinson Matcha Bowl
Rosemary Wilkinson Matcha Bowl
Rosemary Wilkinson Matcha Bowl

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