Tea Masterclass - Exploring Oolong

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Tea Masterclass - Exploring Oolong

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Henrietta fell so deeply for a cup of oolong in a Hong Kong restaurant that she was inspired to start Rare Tea Company.

"Since then, tea has been my soundtrack and my narrative. I dream about tea when I’m not drinking it. It’s there beside me, my most constant companion. I can’t conceive of a morning, let alone a day, without it.”

Falling artfully between black and green tea Oolong is carefully crafted to begin the oxidisation process that characterises black teas, but skilfully controlled to release the most varied and complex flavours of any tea.

We'll be covering some of the most famous oolongs from China and Taiwan as well as perhaps the rarest oolong in the world - from New Zealand.

Henrietta will explain to how to infuse your oolong perfectly using both a teapot and a gaiwan. She will be discussing some perfect pairings and wonderfully surprising combinations.

Pick up a bundle with every tea featured in the tasting and get a ticket to this masterclass absolutely free.

An Exploring Oolong Masterclass, streamed online, hosted by Henrietta Lovell and Jack/Holly from Rare Tea.

Saturday 26th of June at 17:30pm (BST) for 60 - 70 minutes (including questions and answers). (CEST 6.30pm, EDT 12:30pm, CDT 11.30am, MDT 10.30am, PDT 9.30am.)

We'll be privately streaming the event via YouTube Live. Instructions for the class will emailed to you the week of the class, and the link to access will be the same day of the event.

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TICKET ONLY - this is a digital product and does not require shipping.

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