Very Rare White Silver Tip
Very Rare White Silver Tip
Very Rare White Silver Tip
Very Rare White Silver Tip
Very Rare White Silver Tip
Very Rare White Silver Tip

Very Rare White Silver Tip

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The most prized of all white teas, these are the most perfect pick of the silver tip harvest.

Crafted entirely from the first tender spring buds, high in the remote mountains of Fujian and carefully sorted. These rarest tips are carefully selected only from the first day of the incredibly short harvest of around 5 days, just as the leaf buds reach maturity but before they unfurl to the first new leaves.

Also known as White Silver Needle and Baihao Yinzhen.

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Tasting Notes

Sweet, clean and extremely elegant white tea, with hints of peach and apricot.


Use 2g of tea per 150ml of water.


For the optimum infusion use 70°C (158°F) water.


Infuse for 1 - 2 minutes, tasting regularly.


You can infuse this tea at least twice. With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed

Cost Per Cup

£1 per cup based on 2g of tea per 150ml of water and 2 infusions.


The very first Rare Tea

Henrietta was told she was crazy and no one would drink it. Thank heavens they were wrong.

Today it is one of our best-selling teas across the globe and still the tea Henrietta starts each day with.

Prices have gone up with the popularity. We are a victim of our own success. The very best selection of the first tips have become extremely sort after.

Popularity has grown within China, too, and its harder and harder to get the very best. But here it is.

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