Loose Leaf Tea Steeper

If you are looking for handy kit to steep your loose leaf tea - our very best advice is use a teapot. They have been around for millennia for a reason. And all our lovely loose leaf teapots are exactly that - teapots made for steeping loose leaf tea. When you buy a teapot do make sure it has a plate behind the spout to hold back the leaves. Many modern teapots may look pretty but they are designed for teabags.

We don’t recommend loose leaf tea balls or tea clips of any shape. The tea ball is too small to allow good loose leaf tea to unfurl as it steeps. Tea ball strainers and tea clips cramp the tea too tight and stop it infusing properly.

If you are using a teapot we suggest also using a loose leaf tea strainer over the cup. Any little fragments of leaf will then be held back.