The Tea Lady's Personal Collection

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Curated and blended by the Rare Tea Lady from her private collection of teas collected on her world travels, and exclusively available in this set only.

This collection includes a handmade tea set created for Henrietta by the celebrated British ceramicist Trevor Lillistone.

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The Tea Lady's Personal Collection


The Rare Tea Lady

Jun Chiyabari 2019 Blend

A blend of harvests from across the seasons at Jun Chiyabari tea garden in Nepal ‚Äď this blend really tells the story of a truly unique terroir. Henrietta took the best from each season and meticulously blended the perfect expression of this extraordinary tea-garden through the year. Unrepeatable and incomparable.

Japanese Breakfast Blend

The art of English Breakfast is to combine black teas to create a blend that is better than the sum of its parts. This tea takes some very rare Japanese black teas and combines them with a little Hojicha - which is a little outlandish, to say the least.  The result is rich, nutty, deep and delicious. (Best served without milk).

Premium Grade Da Hong Pao

A personal gift from the teamaker to Henrietta - this is a special harvest of just 3 kilos. She is willing to share a little bit of these truly lovely leaves - because she is so in love with this tea, and believes real love is generous and kind, not selfish.

Rare Oolong Blend

A rather unconventional combination of Oolongs from across the globe, from Waikato in New Zealand to Taitung in Taiwan.  Only the Tea Lady would have the temerity to take some of the most valuable teas in the world and blend them - but she is most definitely not wrong.  This tea was originally created for Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen - one of the best restaurants in the world. 

Waikato Saffron Blend

Kashmiri "Shahi" Saffron, the world’s finest saffron and the most difficult to obtain. (A hundred kilos of fresh flowers yield about three kilograms of saffron) blended with some of the rarest black tea in the world - from Waikato in New Zealand. This is the richest, most decadent and yet ethereal of teas.

Wild Spring Blend

The first new shoots of wild Sweet Cicely from Jutland in Denmark (collected by the forager Thomas Laursen) are combined with the first spring buds of tea from Fujian in China. Silver Tips, White Peony and the delicate aroma of anise make the drabbest day vibrant with new life and hope.

Fujian Blend

Rare Tea Lady started her adventures in tea exploring the Province of Fujian in South East China. This is a combination of her most beloved leaves- white, green and a hint of Jasmine.  A delicate and elegant combination.

Green English Breakfast

Imagine a combination of the best green from across the globe - blended like a traditional English Breakfast tea - but using green teas instead of black.  It's never been done before, but this is the future of breakfast.

Premium Himalayan Sikkim

Another personal gift from the teamaker to Henrietta. A unique harvest of Himalayan tea, from the entirely organic state of Sikkim (bordering Darjeeling) but taking the floral hights to another level. 

Rare Tea Lady’s Blossom Tea

A combination of orchard blossom - almond blossom from Spain and Sicily, Cherry from Nepal and Italy.

The taste of spring flowering in your cup. Only a few grams of these precious harvests an be collected every year - often going in their entireity to a single restaurant. But Rare Tea lady always retains a few flowers for this blend.

Trevor Lillistone Teapot

Handcrafted in stoneware clay with a satin glaze, this glorious teapot is perfect for one or two people.

Trevor Lillistone Tea Bowl

Introduce gentle ceremony to your tea with these beautiful hand thrown ceramic tea bowls. You'll get two of these with your collection.

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