Tea Masterclass - Exploring Rare Teas

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Tea Masterclass - Exploring Rare Teas

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All of our teas are rare, but some are rarer than others - in our latest Masterclass Henrietta will be looking at some of our rarest finds from across the world.

These are teas and herbs that are produced in tiny amounts - making them very hard to come by, and extremely precious.

You may have tried a lapsang souchong and wonder why we have included this tea, but our Rare Lapsang comes from within the protected zone of the Wuyishan – an ancient forest where no visitors are allowed and only a few families are permitted to remain and continue their ancient craft of teamaking.

The cherry blossom comes from just two trees; the saffron from Henrietta’s blend comes from saffron growers in almost unreachable parts of Kashmir.

Henrietta will give you an insight into why she selected these teas for Rare Tea Company and tell you a little about the people behind them. She will also explore how to infuse them and do a live tasting discussing their astonishing flavours.

Pick up a bundle with every tea featured in the tasting and get a complementary ticket to this masterclass.

An Exploring Rare Teas streamed online, hosted by Henrietta Lovell (the Rare Tea Lady) and Holly from Rare Tea.

Saturday 4th of December 16:30pm (GMT) for 60 - 70 minutes (including questions and answers). (CET 5.30pm, EST 11:30am, CST 10.30am, MST 9.30am, PST 8.30am.)

We'll be privately streaming the event via Zoom, the link to access will be sent the same day of the event.

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TICKET ONLY - this is a digital product and does not require shipping.

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